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I have lost a book. What should I do?

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  • We will accept a replacement copy of lost, stolen or destroyed items.
    This needs to be approved by the appropriate Academic Liaison Librarian.
  • Contact your Academic Liaison Librarian before buying books.
    Providing your name in full and your student number
  • The replacement copy must be the same title as the one on your loan record.
  • It must be a new copy.
  • We only accept the latest edition of the title.
  • Where items are out of print, we may accept a second hand copy. Please discuss with your Academic Liaison Librarian before you purchase.
  • If you are not able to provide a replacement copy you will be charged a minimum fee of £50.00 per item, but the charge may be higher as we
    harge actual price for more expensive items. If you find the lost item(s) within 3 months, we can refund the payment, less an administrative
    charge of £10.00 per item. We do not refund if a replacement copy has already been accepted.

You will be billed immediately for the replacement cost of the book plus any overdue fines

Payments are made online via ePayments